Love eating radish robot technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a set of robot operating system, artificial intelligence solutions, intelligent mobile robot design and development of high-tech company, founded in August 2015 in Shenzhen.


  "AI" = "Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence)", "C" = "Creative (innovative, creative, creative)", "Robo" = "Robot (robot):" we will be the creative way of thinking of the artificial intelligence technique by robot software engineering and robot hardware entity the combination of intelligent robot creative products into people's lives.

  "Love eating Radish": we in the intelligent robot technology, have persistent attitude and spirit of sike.

 Companies in the application of artificial intelligence technology, the technical strength of the robot, including indoor visual positioning, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, natural human-computer interaction (language, vision, etc.), machine learning, etc.. In order to apply these technologies, the company developed an intelligent robot operating system, in addition to the integration of the corresponding intelligent algorithm, but also seamlessly with various types of sensors and actuators docking.