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AICANS - Intelligent Mobile System

AICANS is intelligent mobile system developed independently by AICROBO, possesses three main functions: Environment structure, Autonomous navigation (Indoor positioning, Intelligent obstacle avoidance, Path planning, etc) and Intelligent following.

Robots with AICANS system are capable of following, leading and self-driving. AICANS supports all kinds of mainstream sensors and opens secondary development ports for all kinds of systems like Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Functional features

  • Environment structure (Easy to deploy)

    With modified SLAM, AICANS possesses excellent map building and dynamic upgrade ability.
  • Autonomous navigation (Flexible and agile)

    Fusing with sensing and positioning technology, reliability and decision-making ability of robots can be greatly increased.
  • Intelligent following (Individual experience)

    Integrated with multi-identification technique, robots can identify target and estimate its coordinate, and then realize intelligent following.

DMS (Dispatch Management System)

DMS is a core system application deployed in local server at the work site that guarantee the collaboration of multiple robots, connect to robots and other device, then realize high-efficiency resource distribution.

DMS main functions include task dispatch, multiple robot monitor, route plan, traffic control, resource management (charging pile, elevator, wireless call box, other external I/O devices), system connection (WMS, ERP, MES, etc.), map management, data record & analysis, etc.

Functional features

  • Comprehensive operation monitoring

    DMS supports multiple area monitoring, visual monitoring real-time status of robots, assistant positioning station, elevator, etc. devices.
  • High-efficiency dispatch management

    DMS connects to orders from external system (WMS, ERP, MES, etc.), automatically generates task list and transmits to robots. During multi-robot operation, DMS can realize cluster control over robots, avoid traffic jam and promote operation efficiency.
  • Flexible resource distribution

    DMS is compatible with multiple kinds and amounts of robots and external devices. System supports map building, modification, splicing, update, etc., and realizes flexible environment configuration, also supports cross floor operation and online dispatch strategy adjustment, so as to match special dispatch need of different workflow.
  • Abundant interactive terminal

    DMS equips with self-developed handheld mobile terminal APP, vehicle terminal, PC clients, supports external terminal device such as remote control box, PDA, etc. , suffices operation needs of different characters in different scenes.
  • Open system interface

    system provides thorough SDK interface, for external system(WMS, ERP, MES, etc.) to link to DMS, supports data interaction from all kinds of external I/O devices, realizes automation in the whole process of operation.

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