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Solutions Handbook

  • AICROBO Flexible Intra-logistics Solutions Handbook


ROI calculator

Return on investment calculation

The weight of items per person at a time/kg

1kg 1200kg

The number of workers carried on each shift/人

1people 500people

Daily shifts

1Class 4Class

Working hours per shift/hour

1hours 12hours

Monthly input per worker (monthly salary and other expenses)

1000RMB 30000RMB

One year requires working hours/months

1Month 12Month
Information to fill out

Please fill in the correct format~
Calculate your ROI

Please fill in your personal information and submit it for return on investment.

Your investment return cycle is:

30% disclaimer:
The results calculated by the ROI calculator during the payback period are for reference only, and are the results of simulation, not the actual basis.


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