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Good news | AICRobo wins the 5th Capec Emerging Enterprise Award


      From April 18th to 20th, 2019, the 2019 China Robot Industry Development Forum and the Fifth Chapec Awards Ceremony was held in Wuhu, Anhui. The theme is hosted by the Office of the Leading Group of China Robotics and Wuhu City Strategic Emerging Industry Cluster Development Base. AICRobo stood out from many enterprises and won the Rising Enterprise Award. The award is an affirmation of AICRobo's research results and market performance in the field of robotics.

Good news | AICRobo wins the 5th Capec Emerging Enterprise Award (Figure 1)

      This conference also gathered 500 industry experts, industrial robot companies, service robot companies, system integrators, parts companies, scientific research institutions and investment platforms to discuss industry development trends, analyze changes in the current market situation, and conspire with the robot industry. The road to development.

Good news | AICRobo wins the 5th Capec Emerging Enterprise Award (Figure 2)

       With the rapid development of e-commerce and manufacturing industry, the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, the transformation of traditional factories and the increasing cost of management are problems that can not be ignored. Under the background of "made in China 2025", aicrobo has launched a flexible indoor logistics solution based on autonomous transportation robot, which can easily upgrade the operation mode without changing the original environment.

       Traditional automated transportation equipment is constrained by fixed moving routes (beacons such as magnetic strips, two-dimensional codes, etc.) and has a single transportation mode. It can only perform some simple tasks and it is difficult to solve the actual needs of various manufacturing enterprises. The autonomous transportation robot integrates multiple navigation, positioning and sensing technologies to ensure that the robot can complete various complex tasks in a dynamic environment and meet the complex and changing transportation needs in the production environment.

Good news: aicrobo won the fifth chapeck New Enterprise Awardot industry.

      The AICRobo robot team was established in 2013 and the company was established in 2015. It focuses on the research of intelligent mobile robot technology and provides more flexible indoor logistics solutions and robot products to end users such as factories and warehouses. At present, it has accumulated a lot of engineering practice experience in a number of subdivision scenarios such as container handling and storage and picking.

     AICRobo has been committed to giving robots the wisdom to walk. Independently developed factory handling robots and warehouse picking robots, based on the third generation of autonomous mobile technology, can realize the functions of senlianglioangsing the environment, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance and intelligent follow, instead People carry out repetitive and long-distance transportation work, accurately complete transportation tasks, and realize flexible transportation operation modes.

Good news: aicrobo won the fifth chapeck New Enterprise Award

        This time it won the Rising Enterprise Award, which is the recognition and recognition of the value of AICRobo's products and the company's development prospects. AICRobo will make persistent efforts to unremittingly explore and work hard to implement artificial intelligence technology in industrial-grade application products, empower intelligent manufacturing, and realize the sustainable development of the robot industry.

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