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Glory | AICRobo selected into the list of China's startup companies: annual science and technology s


On May 17, 2019, the 7th China Venture Capital Summit, hosted by the Securities Times and sponsored by Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, was held at the St. Regis Shenzhen. The theme of the forum was “The Tide of the Greater Bay Area, Science and Technology Innovation Opportunities”, which attracted the relevant persons in charge of the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Exchanges, the founders of hundreds of venture capital institutions and enterprises to participate in the meeting and discuss the economy of the Greater Bay Area Under the scientific and technological innovation opportunities, look for outstanding leaders in the venture capital industry, and select new forces in China's new economy.

    At this grand event, AICRobo was selected into this year's Xinmiaobang annual science and technology innovation enterprise by virtue of its outstanding performance and extraordinary strength in the field of flexible indoor logistics.

   The result of this selection is an expert judging panel composed of well-known venture capital agency experts, industry research institution experts, and intermediary agency professionals (including investment banks, law firms, and accounting firms). They selected the company's business model, core competitiveness, market development potential, Multi-dimensional comprehensive selection decision such as management team. Under the background of intelligent manufacturing 2025, AICRobo aimed at the industrial pain point of indoor logistics and handling, and launched a flexible indoor logistics solution with autonomous mobile robots (AMR) as the core for warehouses and production enterprises, solving conveyor belts, AGVs, etc. Indoor logistics problems that cannot be solved by rigid transportation equipment have the advantages of fast returns, easy implementation, and low risks, helping customers to fill the last blank of logistics automation transformation.

    Traditional rigid transportation equipment such as conveyor belts and AGVs are constrained by fixed moving routes (beacons such as magnetic strips and two-dimensional codes). The transportation mode is relatively single and can only perform mechanical and simple tasks. In complex and dynamic production operations It is difficult to meet the actual needs of the enterprise, and it requires large deployment costs. It cannot quickly adapt and change after the production line changes. AICRobo's AMR uses multi-sensor fusion environment sensing technologies such as lidar, depth camera, and ultrasound to realize the autonomous transportation and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions of AMR in the industrial indoor environment. It has strong compatibility and scalability, and can Meet diverse application needs in different scenarios.

     The road of independent research and development of AICRobo robot started in 2013. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the core technology research of autonomous mobile robots. It provides flexible, flexible and cost-effective solutions and customization for indoor transportation scenarios such as production, storage and service logistics. , One-stop system-based services.

      This year's selection as an annual science and technology innovation company is the Securities Times' high recognition of AICRobo's science and technology innovation capabilities and corporate value, and it also demonstrates AICRobo's strong brand appeal in the field of mobile robots. The indoor logistics market has a vast blue ocean. AICRobo will live up to expectations, accelerate the advancement of autonomous mobile robots in the field of indoor logistics, provide flexible indoor logistics solutions for more industries, and drive industry upgrades.

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