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Medal Longbo technology won the title of "China intelligent storage innovation enterprise"


    On July 26, 2019, the China Smart Warehouse Development Summit Forum, co-organized by Rogo.com and the Logistics Salon, was successfully opened at Min planet River Bay Hotel in Shanghai. With the theme of "digital technology · warehouse future", the summit invited customers from different industries and many well-known logistics companies to attend, from the perspective of many different types of warehouses such as smart cloud warehouses, unmanned warehouses, front warehouses, and From the perspectives of different industries such as clothing, FMCG and 3C, we will discuss the future development trend of storage.

Medal Longbo technology won the title of "China intelligent storage innovation enterprise"

    At this summit, Longbo Technology won the title of "China Intelligent Storage Innovation Enterprise" for its outstanding innovation projects in the field of warehousing and logistics.

Medal Longbo technology won the title of "China intelligent storage innovation enterprise"

      The award-winning smart logistics innovation project is the AMR autonomous transportation solution of Longbo Technology. The solution is based on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), which cuts into the pain points of repetitive, long-distance transportation into the warehouse of the e-commerce enterprise. Robots are used instead of workers for transportation.

Medal Longbo technology won the title of "China intelligent storage innovation enterprise"

Autonomous mobile robot

     The AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) used in the project adopts improved SLAM and layered map update technology, and integrates various robotic technologies such as perception and positioning. It does not require traditional beacons (magnetic strips, two-dimensional codes, etc.) for features. Positioning can be easily and quickly deployed into the warehouse without major changes to the existing environment; it has strong autonomous navigation capabilities, intelligently avoids obstacles on transportation routes, and automatically plans routes to replace workers to accurately complete iterations Long-distance handling.

Project Innovation

     The project needs to involve the transportation line mainly from the picking area to the packing table. The transportation scenario that needs to be involved is the order picking of high-level shelves. In the 26,000 square meters warehouse, the high-level shelf area occupies about 10,000 square meters. The workers in the warehouse are frequently active, and electric forklifts are driving. As a result, the high-level shelf areas cannot use the ground-mounted magnetic stripe or two-dimensional code to guide AGV automation solutions. .

       Because there are many types of goods and different sizes, the work of picking out the goods from the shelves can only rely on manual operations. Therefore, Longbo Technology provides a human-machine collaboration AMR picking and transportation solution, and the warehouse is divided into logical areas and passed The scheduling management client carries out unified planning and deployment of functional partitions and traffic restrictions, so that AMR can perform tasks such as autonomously finding goods, following picking, and cross-region relay based on receiving task orders distributed by the scheduling management system. Pickers only need to find a car in the area in charge and assist loading, which greatly reduces the time and error rate of finding goods, and eliminates the high-load work phenomenon of repeated long-distance transportation.

Value gain

   This project can save 80% of the workers' original walking volume. The workers focus on the picking, and the robot is responsible for the handling. The picking efficiency is effectively improved through human-machine cooperation.

Medal Longbo technology won the title of "China intelligent storage innovation enterprise"

    With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the relationship between automated logistics and warehousing logistics becomes more and more inseparable. At the same time, e-commerce and physical commerce are driven by Internet technology and digital empowerment. The flexible indoor logistics solution with AMR as the core launched by Longbo Technology gives robots the wisdom to walk, frees manpower from handling, and focuses on more valuable creations to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises.

    The title of "China Intelligent Warehouse Innovation Enterprise" is a great affirmation of Longbo Technology's commercial strength in the field of mobile robot R & D innovation and warehouse logistics. Longbo Technology will continue to promote the research and development of autonomous mobile robots, while exploring in-depth flexible indoor logistics solutions in multiple fields, and using AI to accelerate logistics transformation.

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