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Busan Tour | Lombo Technology Shines Busan Startup Week


From November 4th to 8th, 019, the Busan Startup Week (Busan Startup Week), which attracted international attention, was launched at the Westin Chosun Hotel, Haeundae, Busan. Busan Startup Week is jointly organized by Busan City Government and Busan Creative Economy & Innovation Center, and co-organized by IBK Creative Industries. Since 2017, the event has been committed to creating a sustainable global entrepreneurial ecosystem and providing a high-quality entrepreneurial platform for high-quality companies and projects around the world.


This year's Busan Startup Week, from China's Longbo Technology, brought the latest flexible indoor logistics solutions to Busan, giving this year's Busan Startup Week a different color.

I believe everyone is very impressed with a popular Korean movie "Busan" in 2016. The protagonist in the movie ran through difficulties and ran all the way, and finally escaped from birth and ran to the light. The “Busan Line” of Longbo Technology has also experienced fierce competition, standing out from 500+ startup projects, and becoming the only Chinese company to log in the IBK changgong DEMODAY link in Busan Startup Week!

Busan Tour | Lombo Technology Shines Busan Startup Week

The highlight of this event must be introduced here-IBK changgong DEMODAY organized by IBK Bank. IBK Bank (Korea Small and Medium Enterprise Bank) is the top corporate bank in South Korea. It is a professional bank established by the Korean government to provide financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It was established by the government in August 1961. At 111 billion US dollars, the World Bank ranks 133.

Busan Tour | Lombo Technology Shines Busan Startup Week

At the meeting, CEO of Longbo Technology, Yuanbo Bo, shared the latest flexible indoor logistics solutions, providing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that are flexible and can directly replace human handling for internal logistics scenarios in factories and warehouses. Based on map positioning and navigation, AMR is different from traditional guidance and landmark mobile robots. It does not need to rely on traditional beacon positioning, reduces the modification of existing sites, and greatly reduces deployment costs. In addition, AMR also has the ability to sense the environment in depth and avoid obstacles autonomously. It can realize indoor "unmanned driving" in a man-machine collaborative environment, which directly reduces the waste of manpower in the material handling link.

After years of engineering experience in factory and warehouse application scenarios, Longbo Technology has maximized the potential of AMR. By equipping AMR with mechanisms such as rollers, traction rods, and robotic arms, AMR can cover every link of production logistics and warehouse logistics, and fully inject flexible power into the internal logistics links of factories and warehouses.

Busan Tour | Lombo Technology Shines Busan Startup Week

In addition, Wu Yuanbo also shared the changes in the demand for flexible logistics automation in recent years. According to field surveys of a large number of customer factories and numerous authoritative data, it is shown that most factories and warehouses have a growing demand for flexible logistics automation. According to the latest mobile robot market sales report released by Interact Analysis, AMR's global shipments in 2018 exceeded 20,000 units, double the sales in 2017. With the continuous improvement and enrichment of AMR products, the flexible logistics market will usher in a new breaking point.

Busan travel - Busan startup week

This "Busan trip" is, for Longbo Technology, the beginning of entering the Korean market. It proves that the flexible indoor logistics solution of Longbo Technology has a highly mature commercial value and already has the strength to enter the international market. After this wonderful appearance, Longbo Technology has left a deep impression on many Korean companies. The continuous applause at the meeting and the cooperation intentions revealed by many companies after the meeting are enough for us to foresee that the door of the Korean market has been to Longbo. Technology opens.

The goal of Longbo Technology is not only that, but the vast global market is our "Star Ocean". Longbo Technology will continue to promote the research of autonomous mobile technology, strengthen the application of AMR in various fields, and bring flexible "smart handling" abroad and to the world!

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