Customization servicesAICRobo robot autonomous mobile platform hardware and software can be customized, the core hardware modules and software systems are self-developed, to control the development of autonomous mobile robots and the core of production. According to the needs of different industries, in the face of customized sensors, mechanical hardware, peripheral hardware, driver, motor, power supply from the hardware layer; at the same time, at the level of software, the AICANS system can be customized according to the different hardware, the mobile sensing system, mobile AI, mobile system to adjust the control system, the hardware can fast adaptation the needs of the industry.

Robot autonomous mobile solutions

a) Core electronic system [Hardware] 

b) AICANS robot intelligent mobile system [software]

  • Core Function Customization·Environmental construction·Real-time location·Path Planning·Intelligent Obstacle avoidance·Intelligent follow
  • Auxiliary Function Customization·Manual programming·Regional cruise·Dispatching system
  • Interactive Function Customization·UI interaction·Voice interaction·Manual panel